Bingo Rules: Basics of Bingo

Bingo can easily be one of the most energizing and exhilarating game whether it be on a brick and mortar Bingo hall or on online establishments. They are fun and at the same time, they provide a unique way of testing your luck while competing with other players on who will get to call Bingo First. With the cards and how the caller calls the numbers, you may think that the game itself is quite complex. However, it is definitely far from that. It's simpler than you think but still, you need to be sure that you are aware of all the Bingo Rules possible and are aware of the bingo board and other relevant information possible. We at Free Online Bingo, is here to provide Canada players with all that you need to know about Bingo.

How To Play The Game

The mechanics of the game is simple. The first thing that you would have to know is that in order to play the game, you would have to purchase bingo board or cards. These cards are sold by the Bingo hall or in the case of online gameplay, it can be bought from the site itself. The most common form of bingo will provide you with a bingo board with 5x5 grid. Each square or grid on the card is placed with a number and more often than not, it is between 1 to 90 or it may also depend on what kind of Bingo you are playing. The numbers and cards are of course, given in random and with the diverse variation, you can rest assured that each card is as unique as they could get.

You could get multiple cards and after the acquisition of the cards is done, you would have to take a sit or get into the bingo hall. This is where you'll find a caller at the front, who will be the one drawing balls that would determine your fate. In brick and mortar establishments, the caller would just have to shout each number he draws, loudly. This would be done until a player manages to get a Bingo and shouts loudly for the caller to hear. There are instances of Multiple wins happening but, don't worry as this would only mean that the win would be divided between the winners. The game is pretty simple and it would all come down to your luck of buying the right card.

Playing The Game

Before you play the game though, make sure that you read some of the tips here on how you could make the most out of your bingo experience. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge before playing in a hall, can make the difference between having a great experience or one that's the complete opposite of it

Bingo Etiquette

Aside from the Basic Bingo Rules, each bingo hall may have their own rules setup for the convenience and experience of their players as well. If you're new to the hall, make sure that you spend time reading their own rules. This way, you can behave appropriately while on the hall and ensure that you wouldn't be a nuisance to other players. The last thing you want to happen is perform or behave poorly and stand out above the crowd for it.

Respect Players and Callers

You should not be too loud on a bingo hall or repeat lines from the caller just to calm down or concentrate. This could end up becoming a distraction and nuisance to those around you. More importantly, show sportsmanship as much as possible and don't tend to take out your losing streak to the caller.

Prepare Your Budget

The exciting hall of Bingo, is a place where you may end up getting drawn to time and time again. This means that you may even end up spending more money than your expectations. It is best that you set aside a budget you're comfortable with right off the bat. This way, you can rest assured that you'll only be playing for a set amount of money, and would not go overboard to the point of hurting your bankroll.


Bingo Rules are fair and simple. Although this may be the case, this doesn't change the fact that it's an exhilarating game of luck that any wager or gambler would find very exciting game to play with, which can even help you bring a substantial amount of real money.