Winning Strategies for Online Bingo

Free Online Bingo

Few games can match bingo for its widespread appeal. Once associated with grandmas and run-down community halls across Canada, the online revolution has breathed new life into the game. Now both the young and old can enjoy the thrill of that "one to go" feeling like never before.

Whilst it remains a great social game, it can be even better when you're equipped with an online bingo strategy. Following a few simple steps, you can maximise your enjoyment and improve your chance of turning a profit at the same time. Read on to see our top online bingo strategies.

Timing is Everything

The first, and perhaps most obvious, way of increasing your chances of winning is to play against less players. Bingo rooms are usually at their fullest during the evening and on weekends. So, if you want to be playing against less rivals your best bet is to play during the day between Monday and Friday.

Of course, this strategy is only effective in fixed jackpot rooms. If you're looking for a big progressive jackpot, then you will want more players in the room to build the pot. Even when this is the case there will be a sweet spot between a big pot and the number of players. This might take a degree of trial and error to figure out, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Buy More Tickets


Whilst this isn't the most complex online bingo strategy, it remains one of the most effective. By having multiple cards, you not only improve your chances of hitting the jackpot, but also the chance of completing a line on one of your cards - which would hand you one of the minor prizes.

We would always recommend having several cards, simply to increase the enjoyment of playing. Rather than spreading funds across several games, in which you may get no numbers, having numerous cards in one game boosts the chances of getting that heart pumping "one to go" feeling!

Know your Numbers


Particularly among new players, the impact of the different types of bingo can be an underestimated aspect of online bingo strategy. The main variations include 30, 75 and 90-ball games.

The 30-ball variant is a fast and furious version of traditional bingo. Resulting in a winner every few minutes, this game type is a go-to for those with limited time. With only 30-balls, the chance of getting a close winner is also improved - for those who enjoy the thrill of seeing your numbers come up, regardless of the end result.

At the other end of the scale, 90-ball games are more representative of classic bingo. This is great for those looking for a more leisurely time. We would recommend using your cash sparingly on the shorter form of the game, so you don't cycle through your balance too quickly. Conversely, we recommend using more of your funds on a single 90-ball game as this should maximise the value of playing.